Community Craft believes in ...

a culture that gives more than it takes.

We model creative solutions for thriving on planet earth. We believe everyone should have access to the tools, knowledge, and skills that promote healthy communities in the 21st century. We design spaces that inspire interaction with our ecosystem and transform our relationship with each other.

Over the last three years, we’ve been razor focused on restoring biodiversity and rebuilding the soil’s ability to retain water and store carbon. We feel there has been an ‘awakening’ across our beautiful country, self reliance is on the rise again, urban & rural homesteading has people taking their food & energy supply back into their own hands.

We’ve set out to build a regenerative small farm model and a creative learning space that increases our community’s exposure to regenerative agriculture (GROW), delicious healing food (EAT), and artisan culture (MAKE)...something of an Eco-topia for those that are looking for such things. 

How We Grow

Hedgerow of Soquel is a highly productive 6-acre demonstration property, designed & operated on permaculture principles. Located “in town” and minutes from breathtaking Monterey Bay beaches and majestic redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains.

How We Eat

The Forked Pig is about ...

How We Make

The farm as a classroom is the platform through which we transform people’s ideas for a truly local economy and a connected community that inspires change in everyone it touches.

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